Our Bread

At On a Roll We Take Our Buns Seriously.

Each morning, we mix, roll and bake our bread from Scratch. No additives or Preservatives to weigh you down. Just wholesome goodness for the best buns around!

At On a ROll™ we do things a little differently than most other deli’s.
 Our claim to fame…our very own hand rolled sandwich rolls. Every day our Baker rises before the sun to begin the process of making our delicious bread. First mixing the flour, adding yeast, then waiting patiently for the bread to rise to perfection. Next cutting, hand-rolling, proofing and finally baking until a golden brown.

Sure we could bring in “fresh” bread from somewhere else, but by the time it gets to us, it’s not so “fresh” anymore.

So , Yeah, it takes a lot of extra time and effort to make our own bread, but we think you, our customer is worth it. We don’t just want you to have a good sandwich, we want you to experience the best sandwich possible. The best sandwich begins with the best bread. Nothing compares. Try it yourself and you’ll see why we’re “On a Roll”.