About Us

About Us

About Team Elevate

About Us:

Elevate was founded in 2018 by 7 men with a single intension: focusing their collective resources to support and empower capable, homeless families become self-sustaining.

The intent is to focus on one family at a time so that everything can be helped in exactly the way they uniquely needed. Success can never be ensured, but our goal is to offer whatever is necessary and open up opportunities that would ordinarily be unknown or unavailable.

The process works in three key stages:
1. Stability – In this stage the objective is to provide appropriate housing, transportation and basic needs. This will enable the subject family to change their focus from survival to the second stage, Growth.
2. Growth – The focus in growth is to work on expanded skills, mindset, and access. We believe that equipping the family with these 3 elements will enable them to acquire, keep, and expand their earning capacity.
3. Self-Reliance – As growth expands the next step is basic financial education and awareness of how to take care of themselves fully and ongoingly. This may include savings strategies, budgeting, future planning skills and more.

The timeframe for getting a homeless family may vary from family to family, but the goal is to have the family completely self-supporting within 12 months.